We started our Farmers Market business in 1991, then decided to grow our own produce so we moved to the farm in 1993.  Starting out with one little greenhouse for growing our own plants.  It started out 18 x 20 but has grown to 18 x 30.

This was the first of the greenhouses and is used for starting all of the bedding plants.  It is equipped with a
heated germination table.  Still today, all of our plants start out here.


In 1994 we added a bigger one and started growing tomatoes  even in cold weather. 
It is a 12 x 96 with propane heat. 

This was the first in a series of homemade, self-designed, quonset styled greenhouses. They were constructed totally and singularly by the owner. These are not hydroponic greenhouses, the plants are grown in the ground.

In 1995 we added another greenhouse just for flowers (we don't do
much of those anymore), but now use it for cold weather greens to
extend the season.  This one is a 12 x 96 unheated.
This is a modified version of the first quonset style greenhouse. Complete directions,  blueprints, and parts listings will be available at a later date. Please check back.

Then in 2000 we added a larger greenhouse to grow salad greens in
almost year round because of demand for fresh, home grown, greens. 
This one is a 20 x 96, unheated at the present time.
Our larger greenhouse was purchased used and assembled on the premises.  It is an
all-steel frame design. Modifications were made to reinforce the original structure. It has withstood many of Missouri's indeterminable winds along with the previous homemade greenhouses.


Now in 2006, we have under construction a 30 x 96 that will also be
used for winter greens and tomatoes.

As you can probably see, this is also a steel structured, quonset style under construction to house a larger variety of homegrown heirloom tomatoes and various greens.



Updates for 2016.....We now have 6 operating greenhouses with variety of fresh vegetables, expanded our berry growing area, have a large walk in cooler ,a new roadside stand, and also have a good selection of dried beans and popcorn. Feel free to call or come by anytime or visit one of our booths at the Kansas City Market. We will be posting new pictures of all of our changes soon. Thank you!