Morel mushrooms here in North Missour are about like Truffles to a person in
France.  They have been called everything from honey comb mushrooms to sponge mushrooms.  But, call they whatever you like, the Morel mushroom is the most sought after and the most famous edible mushroom in North America.

Here in North Missouri we have the little grays, which usually start to appear early in the season, and we have the classic Morels during mid-season and the large yellows, which start reminding us that the season is getting close to ending, so we can start drying, freezing and preparing our bounty for those cold winter days that are coming.

The flavor and the thrill of the hunt, that's what keeps us heading back to the woods, year after year.  The flavor of the fresh picked is delicate and it has a meaty texture which was probably meant for the Gods until some mushroomer discovered, "Hey, these things are good."  The hunt, there is nothing like hiking through the woods on a spring day and hearing someone call out, "I found one, no it's two, no it's more.

Mushrooms can range in size from the tiny grays to the large yellows which can grow to over a foot tall. Be careful about what you pick to bring home.  There are also the False Morels and some other mushrooms out there that are poisonous and not fit for human consumption.  If this is your first outing, try to go with a seasoned hunter or get on the Internet and educate yourself on what you are picking.
At Bryson's Farm Fresh Produce, we always try to provide you with the highest quality produce and will also supply you with the highest quality Morels we can find.  The owner of Brysons Farm is one of the first, and possibly, the only "Approved Mushroom Identification Expert" in our region.  So when you purchase Morels from us, we aim to do the best we can to make sure  you are getting the highest quality possible.
 Mushrooms are very versatile.  They can be stuffed, used to stuff, breaded, rolled in cornmeal or your favorite flavoring, or crushed up and put in soups.  But my favorite is to cut them in half, dip them in beaten egg, then flour and throw them in hot grease until browned to perfection.  Put them on a plate, give me a loaf of bread and "step back".  

So, in conclusion, you can head for the timber, fight the briars, snakes,
mosquitoes, and don't forget those little blood sucking, (Lyme) disease carrying, ticks.  Or if you don't have the time, or can't make it out, give us a call or email. But don't wait too long, we already have a large list of old customers and new ones that get first choice.  So don't delay.