We also grow micro greens for specialty restaurants which prefer top quality, fresh, locally grown, micro greens.
This picture is showing an original planting system.  It consists of PVC pipe slit in half and designed just for planting micro greens. It also makes for great transplanting right into the garden. 

The early greenhouse crop of our organically grown tomatoes are
grown in the ground, not hydroponic.  Also in the picture is one of our buyers being shown our newest specialty product, upside down tomatoes developed in 1995.

Here is the first homemade, quonset style, greenhouse constructed for ground grown tomatoes and can be doubly used for hanging plants because of the structural strength of the design.

This is a picture of our early spring green onions that were planted in January in one of our unheated greenhouses.
In the steel structured
greenhouse, we also grew spinach, lettuce, and various green to the left of the picture with a row of sugar snap peas separating them from the onions.


In our unheated greenhouses, in the middle of the winter, we also grow lettuce, spinach, arugula, tot-soi, mizzuna, and other greens.

A large variety of greens can be grown all winter long in our unheated structures.

This a picture of some of our girls cutting greens out of one of our unheated greenhouses.  If you could see outside, there is snow on the ground.
As this is a family oriented
farm, our girls help out with
the planting, harvesting, and maintenance of the
greenhouses and fields.