CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a mutual agreement between a farmer and a community of supporters which provide a direct link between the production and consumption of fresh, home grown produce.

This mutually beneficial partnership helps ensure a more secure market for small farms struggling to compete with larger, less sustainable farms as well as ensures members consistent access to healthier, safer and tastier food product.

At Bryson Farms we grow and handle only the best produce available.  We grow a lot of heirloom varieties which are not always as smooth and attractive as some you find in the stores but the taste and quality is awesome.  We also have other growers, which we have dealt with for several years, in order to keep up with demand and increase our varieties of fresh home grown produce.


Direct Marketing:  CSA's direct marketing gives the farmer a fair return on his/her product and keeps the food dollars in the local community.

Communications:  CSA's encourage communications between the grower and consumer.

Support:  CSA's help support small farmers and allows the farmer to produce more high quality produce for it's members.

Knowledge:  CSA's allow the members to know where and by who their produce is really coming from.

Taste:  CSA farmers carefully select their produce varieties for excellent taste and quality.

Freshness:  CSA produce is usually harvested on or before delivery day.

Support Local Agriculture:  CSA's help support todays agriculture, which is a crisis situation, your dollars go directly towards strengthening and sustaining small farms, a vital community resource.

A member is usually charged a membership fee which allows the member to purchase a share of weekly amounts of fresh produce throughout the growing season.  There is a number of different CSA's which range from 300 to 700 a share, which is usually for a 14 to 16 week program and will supply a family of four weekly, with a bounty of fresh produce.  We at Bryson Farms have redesigned the CSA program.  Unlike a traditional CSA program, we strive to provide a flexible approach that allows families of all sizes to become members.  Single households buy one share, couples buy two shares, and a family of four would buy four shares.

We also have our Preferrred Customer Program which allows a person to receive a 10% discount on all vegetables at any of our locations and at the farm stand.  It costs $35.00 a year for the Preferred Customer Card.
CSA Examples

Your membership fee of $75.00 is a lifetime membership fee, and included in the membership fee, you can get your first year of Preferred Customer Card FREE, which allows you to purchase additional fruit and vegetables at 10% off.  (Great deal when you need extra melons or vegetables for a party or barbecue.)



CSA Membership Application

NAME:  _____________________________________________________
ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________
CITY:  ________________________  STATE:  ______  ZIPCODE:  ______
HOME PHONE:  _____________  WORK/CELL PHONE:  _____________
Membership Fee (P/C Included):    $75.00
Number of Shares (Half Season):   $125 x ___=$_______
Number of Shares (Full Season):    $250 x ___=$_______
                                                          Total Due: $_______


At Bryson's Farm Fresh Produce we appreciate our returning customers and in order to show our appreciation we now officer a Preferred Customer Card to give you an additional 10% off any purchase at any of our locations.  The card is $35.00 a year unless you enroll in one of our own CSA programs which entitiles you to your first years card FREE.  As we said, you receive 10% off any purchase, small or large, all season long.  You can use it at any of our locations in K.C., Overland Park, Chillicothe, Carrollton, Brookfield, Marshall, Treton and, of course, at the farm in Hale.  After joining you will receive your lamenated card in about a week.